After a googley search, I was lead astray by an older posting on audio file conversion.

I needed to import an odd audio format file into an MOH file on Cisco Call Manager running v 9.x.

I Used Audacity ! from Source Forge !
Changed the sample rate to 8000 – , it was in MONO already – so no issue there. Then exported to OTHER Uncompressed type then OPTIONS – I chose WAV (Microsoft) and U-Law Encoding.
Saved and imported into Call Manger – Call Mangler converted it however it needed to and then it seemed to work !

Wished it were easier – just had to find the right combo –
Ultimately – Cisco wants it in 8000 hz rate/ U-law MONO WAV type.

hope this helps others in a pinch.

Another real easy way to get LIVE audio into a Cisco Voice system is to just use Unity Voicemail that forwards voice messages to an email account. Simply record a voice mail message as the Call handler, on hold message, greeting, etc. and you have an instant audio file in your inbox ready to upload to any system you might be working on. This is especially convenient when you don’t have Vocie Prompt dial-in access.
Again – useful in some situations.

monitor session 1 type erspan-source
erspan-id 1
vrf default
destination ip 10.1.x.y
source vlan 1-2,4,6-7,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,28,30,33,40,50,60,100,122,199-200,202 both
source vlan 211-212,222,230,236,240,998-999 both
no shut

monitor erspan origin ip-address y.y.y.y global

destination ip is of course your L3 based sniffing tool…like ExtraHop
y.y.y.y in this example is a management IP on my default VRF.

monitor capture buffer CAPTURE_IN size 8096 max-size 9000 circular
monitor capture buffer CAPTURE_OUT size 8096 max-size 9000 circular
monitor capture point ip cef CAP_in GigabitEthernet0/0 both
monitor capture point ip cef CAP_out GigabitEthernet0/1.98 both

monitor capture point associate CAP_in CAPTURE_IN
monitor capture point associate CAP_out CAPTURE_OUT


monitor capture point start CAP_in
monitor capture point start CAP_out

monitor capture point stop CAP_in
monitor capture point stop CAP_out


to download pcap:
monitor capture buffer CAPTURE_IN export tftp://
monitor capture buffer CAPTURE_OUT export tftp://

Verification Commands:

1) show monitor capture PCAP buffer dump

2) show monitor capture PCAP parameter


Troubleshooting Commands:

1) debug epc capture-point

2) debug epc provision

kron occurrence BACKUP in 24:00 recurring
policy-list Daily
kron policy-list Daily
cli show run | redirect tftp://


kron occurrence wBackup in 7:0:0 recurring
policy-list Daily
kron policy-list Daily
cli copy running-config flash:backupconfig.cfg