I recently posted about the Jabber Problem Report Tool and the csf-unified.log that turned out to be one of my most popular posts. I had some feedback asking for more info on specific troubleshooting after home cluster is found, so here it is.

Service Discovery Failure Codes (csf-unified.log)

IDNameUI MessageDescription
1001ServiceDiscoveryFailureFailed to discover network servicesUnknown discovery failure
1002ServiceDiscoveryAuthenticationFailureYour username or password is not correct.Failed to authenticate with CUCM (9.0+)
1003ServiceDiscoveryCannotConnectToCucmServerCannot communicate with the server. Cannot connect to CUCM (9.0+)
1004ServiceDiscoveryNoCucmConfigurationFailed to discover network services.CUCM server is misconfigured
1005ServiceDiscoveryNoSRVRecordsFoundFailed to discover network services.No SRV records are found
1006ServiceDiscoveryCannotConnectToEdgeCannot communicate with the serverCannot connect to EDGE server
1007ServiceDiscoveryNoNetworkConnectivityCannot communicate with the serverNo network connectivity

Service Discovery Cache File (service-location.xml)

Located in %appdata%\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\CSF\Config

<?xml version=”1.0″?>

IMS Result Codes

Client Profile Agent Logs pulled from IM&P Server EPASSoapXXXXX.log

IMS Result CodeDescription
1Wrong credentials
2Administratively Locked
3Hack Locked
7End User status inactive in LDAP

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