Conference Now is a new feature in CUCM 11.0 for ad-hoc authenticated meet-me within CUCM without the need for any other application such as WebEx or UCCX.

Both internal and external callers can use Conference Now. The host needs the meeting number (their primary DN) and pin, while the participants only need the meeting number (access code is optional) and will hear MOH until host has joined.

First thing- you’ll notice a new link in 11.0. Media Resources > Interactive Voice Response, this was created automatically when I upgraded from 10.5. You’ll need to ensure these resources are made available to all parties.

Next, User Management > End User, enable the feature for each host, and add an optional attendee access code.

Last, Call Routing > Conference Now, setup the conference now number and partition. Interesting enough the documentation says that Video on Hold is not supported, but I was able to get this to work simply by leaving MOH Source to <none>.

Read the Official Feature Configuration Guide for CUCM 11.0

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