We’ve all had those oh-shit moments when changing an ip, duplex or making other changes and losing connection with a device that will end up costing someone a trip on site and possible downtime.

The best way I’ve found is to cover yourself with this command:


If everything goes according to plan, cancel the reload and write mem, but if not, you’ve minimized downtime.

Kitty has an option to send a script file, which issues commands all at once. This is helpful when changing internet connections remotely. If  you were to copy and pasted the configuration, it would stop where the ip changed but before the correct default route was put in for instance.



Ran into this bug in ASA 8.4 where access ASDM through vpn would not work, even through relevant management was correct and I was exempting my inside network from my vpn pool. The fix was adding “route lookup” to the end of the nat exemption.

nat (LAN,TWC) source static obj- obj- destination static obj-vpn obj-vpn route-lookup